MacArthur Landing Memorial Park: A Memorial for a Fulfilled Promise

The MacArthur Landing Memorial Park is a memorial to the landing of General Douglas MacArthur and his men at the exact spot where MacArthur and other important personages waded ashore in the knee-high waters of Red Beach on October 20, 1944. It is located in Candahug, a barangay of the municipality of Palo in the province of Leyte, part of the Visayas.

MacArthur Landing Memorial

MacArthur Landing Memorial

I went here at around 3PM of July 17, 2013. This was during my first time in Leyte, my 21st province.

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Also known as the Leyte Landing Memorial, the memorial consists of larger-than-life (around 10 feet or 1.5 times) bronze statues of General Douglas MacArthur with other men, including General Carlos P. Romulo, General Sutherland, then President Sergio Osmeña, Jr., standing in a man-made pool.

MacArthur Landing Memorial

In front of the statues are the Proclamation and A Memorial for a Fulfilled Promise Plaques, containing General Douglas MacArthur’s significant words.

Leyte Landing Memorial

Leyte Landing Memorial

A Memorial for a Fulfilled PromiseA Memorial for a Fulfilled Promise

The plaque of A Memorial for a Fulfilled Promise reads: “On October 20, 1944, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, together with the leaders of the Philippine Commonwealth, and a combined alliance of Philippine and American armed forces waded on these hollowed shores of Leyte to strike the first blow toward the liberation of the Philippines. After these long years, General MacArthur finally returned. Much blood may have been spilled, treasures expended, and fears shed, before the promise made in Corregidor was fulfilled. But returned he did.”


The plaque of Proclamation reads: “To the People of the Philippines:

I have returned. By the grace of the Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil – soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples. We have come, dedicated and committed to the task of destroying every vestige of enemy control over your daily lives and of restoring upon a foundation of indestructible strength, the liberties of your people.”

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How to go to MacArthur Landing Memorial Park

Coming from Tacloban City, ride a jeepney or multicab going to Robinsons Place Tacloban (fare is Php 8 and travel time is 15 minutes) and once you alight at the front of the mall take a a jeepney or multicab going to Baras (fare is Php 8 and travel time is 5 minutes). Don’t mistake to get a ride to Marasbaras, it’s different. Tell the driver to drop you off MacArthur Landing.


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