Diyo Island: Tacloban’s White Island

Diyo Island is a small island in the Republic of the Philippines. Diyo Island is located on the western area of San Pedro Bay. To its west is Tacloban City, the capital of Leyte.

Diyo Island

Diyo Island as seen from Daniel Z Romualdez Airport

I saw the island upon my flight’s descent to Daniel Z Romualdez Airport and took a closer look through my camera while walking at the airport’s runway.

As seen from my lens, Diyo Island seems to have a beautiful white sand beach and it has many tall coconut trees.

Diyo Island as seen from above

Diyo Island as seen from above

After exiting Daniel Z Romualdez Airport, I visited Santo Nino Church, Santo Nino Shrine, and MacArthur Landing.

I don’t know if the island is open for public but looking at Wikimapia, there are a couple of structures there including a swimming pool.

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