Welcome to IntrepidWanderer.com – my personal travel blog that aims to help travelers to travel more to see and experience the world, one culture at a time.

About Intrepid Wanderer

Intrepid Wanderer is a travel blog, dedicated to obsessively profiling the world’s wonderful destinations, reviewing travel products and services, and breaking travel news. Traveling has become more affordable. There are many offers on budget hotels, budget restaurants, and budget airfare. These, in turn, make people travel more – including me.

Intrepid Wanderer Manifesto

  • We believe you should have free access to a first hand experienced travel guide.
  • We believe the best recommendations come from trusted sources: friends, family, and most importantly, you.
  • We believe it should be easy to discover, explore, and recommend world’s wonderful destinations.
  • We believe that beautiful places and travelers can change the world.

Why Intrepid Wanderer?

I started this travel blog because I want to chronicle my journey and share my travel experiences, hoping someday, it would become useful to my family, my friends, to me, and to you. Because I want you to travel.

With or without leaving your seats.

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