Top 10 Outbound Holy Week Destinations for Filipino Travelers

We list the top 10 outbound Holy Week destinations for Filipino travelers and hopes to serve as your guide to your next Holy Week destination if you’re looking for more choices. Read on, plan, and take advantage of airline ticket seat sales offered by low cost carriers. Enjoy!

Ichimatsu dolls, Japan

Ichimatsu dolls, Japan

According to SkyScanner

According to SkyScanner, a flight search and comparison website, the following are considered as the top outbound Holy Week  destinations for Filipino travelers based on the actual flight searches conducted on their website and mobile app.

2011 2012 2013
1 Singapore
2 Hong Kong
3 United States of America
4 Japan
5 Thailand
6 South Korea
7 Australia
8 United Kingdom

In 2013, Filipinos consider Singapore as their top outbound Holy Week destination, followed by Hong Kong, United States, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Where are you heading this Holy Week? Is your destination included on the list or you opt for a more off-the-beaten destination? Share to us by commenting below! 🙂

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