Where to Stay in Moalboal, A Guide to Finding the Best Hotels for Every Budget

This way or that way? Where to stay in Moalboal?

In this section, you will find our easy-to-read (hopefully), step-by-step guide will help you pick the right type of hotels and other accommodations for your visit in the municipality of Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

Moalboal Resorts

Moalboal Resorts

As I went to see the famous beach and diving spots in Moalboal on June 18, 2012, I stopped at an intersection with signs of different beach resorts and accommodations. I’m not sure how accurate but the tricycle driver said there are more than 25 resorts sprawled along the more than one kilometer White Beach (Bas Dako) in Barangay Saavedra and more can be found in Barangay Basdiot, known as Panagsama Beach.

The municipality is served by one airport – Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB), the main airport serving the province of Cebu and the second busiest airport of the Philippines.

Now, to find your hotel, let’s answer the following questions:

How long will you stay in Moalboal?

Almost every accommodations in Moalboal are easy to reach and accessible from the National Highway so it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re spending only a night or two, or maybe up to a month. But if you’re in the municipality for at least a week, maybe for your diving certification or you just happen to like Moalboal,  a “live like a local appeal” may be the more important consideration.

Types of accommodation and how much do you have to spend?

You’ve got plenty of choices. From beach resorts, hostels, hotels, to backpacker inns. If you’re trying to manage expenses, there are a couple of backpacker friendly accommodations that can give you more for your money. Stay away from the more secluded beach resorts where restaurants, and bars in or around it tend to be more expensive.

What do you want to do?

Are you staying for the beach or do you want to dive or are you more on dining and night life? Will you be out most of the time? Are you looking for night parties?

If you’re staying for the beach, you should stay at White Beach in Barangay Saavedra.

If you’re staying for the food and night life, Panagsama Beach in Barangay Basdiot is for you.

If you’re staying for your diving certification, you may stay on either Barangays.

Do you like to walk?

Moalboal is a walkable municipality, but most of the accommodations are located near or along the beach in the two Barangays. For this reason, we urge you to stay in one of the hotels near the two beach areas unless they’re not within your budget or for some other reasons.

Looking for Moalboal hotels for special occasions?

If your trip is to mark a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, there are only a few luxurious accommodations in Moalboal. Among the top places to stay are Dolphin-House Resort-SPA-Diving, Barefoot White Beach Resort, and Turtle Bay Dive Resort.

The List

Asian Belgian Resort

Barefoot White Beach Resort

Bonita Oasis

Dolphin-House Resort-Spa-Diving

Eve’s Kiosk Dive Resort

Marcosas Cottages Resort

Moalboal Backpacker Lodge

Moalboal Beach Resort

Quo Vadis Beach Resort

Ravenala Beach Bungalows

Saavedra Beach Resort

Sea Turtle House

The Blue Orchid Resort

Turtle Bay Dive Resort

TIP: With around 1500 rooms in about 25 hotels in Moalboal, booking ahead is a good idea if you’re looking to travel in the high season (November to January) and essential in peak season (February to May). Conversely, it is entirely optional during the low season (June to October). That said, if you don’t book ahead, even in the high or peak seasons, you’ll always find something  — eventually.


Are you looking for a place stay in Moalboal that is not on our list or you know a newly opened place? Shoot us an email or tell us about them at the comments below.

Found your hotel? That’s great! Hope you enjoy your stay in Moalboal!


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