Hour by Hour Davao City Itinerary

One very good thing about Davao City is that you can fully explore the city in three ways: land, air, and water. Plus, you can plan an “islands to highlands” tour with only a day’s worth of time…and a lifetime of good memories. It could be the ultimate investment to your travel attaché. So if you are itching to visit Davao soon, take a look at this 5-stop Davao City island to highland itinerary:

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Breakfast at Paradise Island Beach Resort

Start the day right with a beach-side breakfast by the clean shores of Paradise Island Beach Resort. The eating area is just in front of the area where the waves kiss the sands so it gives off a really nice view and that lovely ocean noise. A lot of people say that their food there is really good (compared to other so-so cuisine at beach resorts). Tourist favorites include danggit and fried rice, Hungarian sausage sandwich and fresh fruit shakes.

Adventure Treats from Maxima Aqua Fun

After your energy boost from your breakfast from Paradise, head on to Maxima Aqua Fun for the ultimate adrenaline treat. You can ride the banana boat, jet ski, kayak and do unlimited slides at their 2 giant slides (the only slides in the world that drops you to the ocean). Other activities include canopy walk, para-sailing, and diving.

Downtown Food and Shopping Delights

If you already had lunch at Maxima, then you can head on downtown for a food trip. There are many homegrown food brands that really make Davao proud. For burgers, head on to Backyard burgers. For desserts, hit Lachi’s Sans Rival or AnniePie. For pizza, try out Mama Maria Pizzeria (many branches downtown). And, if you want to shop to burn those carbs, go to the Pasalubong Center (beside People’s Park) and shop your heart out.

Afternoon Fun at the Crocodile Park Complex

Head a little uptown for more fun. Located at the diversion road is a tourist favorite: the Crocodile Park Complex. For only P200, you can visit their zoo, the butterfly house and their exhibit of native houses. While there, you can also take a downhill ride at the Zorb Park. For breaks, taste their yummy artisan ice cream from Sweet Spot and their Crocodile Sausage sandwich.

Sound Sleep at the Eden Nature Park

By now, surely you’re just itching to go somewhere relaxing and take a sound sleep. Take a trip down south and head on to Eden Nature Park. It’s a mountain resort nestled at the peaceful bosom of Brgy. Eden Toril. They have really good rooms and good food. Perfect way to cap off your day.

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