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Tigerair PH Launches Roxas Service

Tigerair PH launches Roxas-Manila service.

The Unusual (and Too Beautiful to Miss) Valugan Boulder Beach in Basco, Batanes

Valugan Boulder Beach is a three kilometer beach covered with andesite rocks in Barangay San Joaquin, Basco, Batanes, Philippines.

Don’t Leave the UK Without Visiting These 5 Places


The southernmost county in the UK mainland is home to glorious beaches and fabulous weather. It’s got plenty of gorgeous coastal towns with more than enough winding cobbled streets and seaside ambience. If these don’t float your boat, then resort to the obvious: grab the suntan lotion and the surfing gear and head to one of their many beaches.


The capital of Scotland nearly want included in this list: a few weeks ago, Scotland voted to stay in the UK rather than go independent by a narrow margin. Without Scotland we wouldn’t have Edinburgh, a booming cultural hub that’s rich in history. You could begin a visit to Edinburgh by touring their many museums and art galleries, but if you really want to see the spirit of Edinburgh then you should visit during while the massive festival the Edinburgh Fringe is taking place.


The UK has some incredible cities, but at times it seems like Britain is made for hikers and countryside lovers. Snowdonia is the epitome of rural beauty: a stunning national park composed of the Welsh mountain valleys surrounding the mountain Snowdon. More information on its hiking routes can be found on the Visit Snowdonia walking page.


Alnwick Castle in Alnwick, Northumberland

Alnwick Castle in Alnwick, Northumberland (Phil Thomas)

This sparsely populated county on the border between Scotland and England gets the best of both worlds. It’s rich in history and plays host to the UK’s most stunning areas of countryside. Two of England’s best castles can be found in Northumberland: Bamburgh and Alnwick. It also has a sublime coastline, and a cycling or walking trip is the way to go to get the full measure of its beauty. It’s impossible for me to name all of the attractions that Northumberland boasts in this short blog post, but if you’re interested in prospecting what Northumberland has to offer then local holiday cottage company Stay Northumbria have used their knowledge gained from living and working in Northumberland to put together a pretty good list.


It would be bizarre to tour the UK without a visit to the big smoke. The capital of the UK remains a hugely popular tourist destination for residents of the UK and visitors alike. As a city it’s the perfect mix of genuinely cosmopolitan and quintessentially British, and there are a million things to do there. If you’re new to the city I suggest starting with the spectacular (albeit corny) classics: Buckingham palace, the Big Ben clock tower, and a tour along the river Thames.

How To: Avoid Being ‘An Idiot Abroad’

If you haven’t ever seen An Idiot Abroad let us give you a basic outline of the show. In simple terms, it involves the ‘idiot,’ in this case a chap named Karl Pilkington, heading to various locations around the world to sample the culture of a place and see how he enjoys life in an unfamiliar land.

While this sounds straightforward enough, there is a twist, in that Pilkington isn’t a huge fan of unfamiliar lands, and would seemingly be much happier at home in Manchester, ignorant to all of the beauty in the world around him.

EU Lifts Ban on Cebu Pacific, Gives Green Light to Fly to Europe

The European Union (EU) lifts the ban on Cebu Pacific Air, giving the budget carrier green light to fly to the 28-nation bloc after it complied with all outstanding safety concerns.

Ayala Land to Develop a Luxury Resort in Iloilo

Ayala Land is planning to develop an exclusive mixed-use resort in Iloilo similar to its world-renowned El Nido Resorts (Miniloc Island Resort, Lagen Island Resort, Apulit Island Resort, and Pangulasian Island Resort) in Palawan.

Miniloc Island Resort by El Nido Resorts

Miniloc Island is one of four resorts owned and operated by El Nido Resorts of Ayala Land in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines.

Basco: A Travel Guide to the Capital of Batanes

Basco (also known as Santo Domingo de Basco) is a 5th class municipality and the capital of the province of Batanes, the Philippines. Basco is located on the northern part of Batan Island, the second largest island among the ten islands which comprises the country’s northernmost province.