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Globe Launches 599 Data Roaming Service, Just In Time for My Trip to Japan

Globe Telecom (PSE: GLO) rolled out its unlimited data roaming service and I can’t wait to try it next January when I go to Japan with my family.

Tigerair PH Launches Roxas Service

Tigerair PH launches Roxas-Manila service.

The Unusual (and Too Beautiful to Miss) Valugan Boulder Beach in Basco, Batanes

Valugan Boulder Beach is a three kilometer beach covered with andesite rocks in Barangay San Joaquin, Basco, Batanes, Philippines.

Don’t Leave the UK Without Visiting These 5 Places


The southernmost county in the UK mainland is home to glorious beaches and fabulous weather. It’s got plenty of gorgeous coastal towns with more than enough winding cobbled streets and seaside ambience. If these don’t float your boat, then resort to the obvious: grab the suntan lotion and the surfing gear and head to one of their many beaches.

How To: Avoid Being ‘An Idiot Abroad’

If you haven’t ever seen An Idiot Abroad let us give you a basic outline of the show. In simple terms, it involves the ‘idiot,’ in this case a chap named Karl Pilkington, heading to various locations around the world to sample the culture of a place and see how he enjoys life in an unfamiliar land.

While this sounds straightforward enough, there is a twist, in that Pilkington isn’t a huge fan of unfamiliar lands, and would seemingly be much happier at home in Manchester, ignorant to all of the beauty in the world around him.

EU Lifts Ban on Cebu Pacific, Gives Green Light to Fly to Europe

The European Union (EU) lifts the ban on Cebu Pacific Air, giving the budget carrier green light to fly to the 28-nation bloc after it complied with all outstanding safety concerns.

Ayala Land to Develop a Luxury Resort in Iloilo

Ayala Land is planning to develop an exclusive mixed-use resort in Iloilo similar to its world-renowned El Nido Resorts (Miniloc Island Resort, Lagen Island Resort, Apulit Island Resort, and Pangulasian Island Resort) in Palawan.

Miniloc Island Resort by El Nido Resorts

Miniloc Island is one of four resorts owned and operated by El Nido Resorts of Ayala Land in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines.