Travel Guide to Powai, India

If you’re looking for the ultimate Mumbai experience, head to the neighborhood of Powai!

This Indian community is an eclectic mix of traditional culture, fast-forward modern living, and beautiful surroundings. Powai is a place of education, entrepreneurship, and fun! If you’re lucky enough to visit Powai, follow this travel guide to help you get started.

About Powai

Powai is a neighborhood with the Indian metropolis of Mumbai. The area is located on Powai Lake, which is the source of its name. Powai is a modern masterpiece, filled with lovely neo-classical architecture, bustling streets, and plenty to do.

If you want to experience the best of India’s past and present, put Powai on your travel bucket list.

Things to Do

There’s a lot to do in Powai! You’ll find plenty of things to keep yourself entertained all day long. Check out these Powai attractions:

  • World of Bollywood Tours. Take a Bollywood tour! Many Bollywood films were shot in Powai. You can hop aboard a tour bus to see where your favorite films were made. Sit back and relax as you ride through Powai’s most famous streets.
  • Learn to Cook. Learn to prepare Indian-style meals! You can take a cooking class in Powai to hone your kitchen skills and add to your meal repertoire. Who doesn’t love Indian cuisine?
  • Visit a Mall. There are several great shopping centers in the Powai area, including Oberoi Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, and R City Mall. Browse the stores or try one of the unique mall experiences, like Snow World Mumbai or Flight Fantasy in Phoenix Market City!
  • Attend a Festival. Every year, people pour into Powai for the Ganesh Charturthi festival. Join them to the see the traditional visarjan processions!

Things to See

Powai has many interesting sights that you won’t want to miss! Many of these are historic locations, while others are modern movie sets. The quintessential Powai experience includes both! Here are a few must-see places in Powai.

Suvarna Temple. The lovely Suvarna Temple complex pays homage to a variety of gods. Diverse Powai is home to people of many religions, and the purpose of this temple is to honor all of them in order to promote peace and harmony.

The Film City. The Film City, or “Dasaheb Phalke Chitranagri,” is a fun place to visit! This huge studio has the capabilities of shooting just about any type of film. Filmmakers from all over the world come here to use the many floors and outdoor settings. Do you recognize any?

Powai Lake

Powai Lake (munnasingh/Wikimapia)

Powai Lake. Last but not least, be sure to visit Powai Lake. Gaze at the reflection of the city skyline, or take a stroll along the shore. On the banks of the lake, you can spot notable buildings, including the Renaissance Hotel, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and the main manufacturing hub of Indian multi-national conglomerate Larsen & Toubro.

Where to Eat

No trip to India is complete without a good meal! Wondering where to eat in Powai? Try these restaurants.

For Indian Food: Dam and Curry
For fine dining: Trendz-the Lalit Mumbai
For drinks: The Finch
For lunch: Summer Garden

Curried Sweet Potato with Mushrooms and Red Rice

Curried Sweet Potato with Mushrooms and Red Rice (Summer Garden)

If you’re in the Mumbai area, be sure to spend a few days in Powai! This neighborhood is an excellent place to experience the best of India’s food and fun. What will you do?

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