Rakuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country): A Communal Pastureland in Uyugan, Batanes

Rakuh-a-Payaman (wide pasture) or The Payaman, famously called [by tourists] as Marlboro Country, is  promontory and a communal pastureland in the Barangay Imjanjbu in the municipality of Uyugan, southern part of Batan Island. It is one of the must see attractions in the province of Batanes, the Philippines.

I went here at 1:21 p.m. PHST on February 23, 2014. This was during my first time in Batanes, the 29th province on my list.

Rakuh-a-Payaman, Madi Bay, and Mount Iraya

Rakuh-a-Payaman, Madi Bay, and Mount Iraya

What to see and do

Walking around Rakuh-a-Payaman one can marvel at the unique perspective of undulating hills, and green meadows where cattle, water buffalo, and horses roam freely. Visitors are also offered with breathtaking panoramic view of Batan Island’s mid to north sections, including the Pacific Ocean, the Tayid Lighthouse, the rugged coastline below the hills with strong big waves crashing on the shores, and the volcanic Mount Iraya. On a clear day, visitors can also see the nearby Diogo Island to the north. Personally, I’d say Rakuh-a-Payaman offers the best view in Batan Island save for the higher private properties such as the one in Mayapoy and the summit of Mount Iraya.

Tayid Lighthouse in Uvoy, Mahatao as seen from Rakuh-a-Payaman

Tayid Lighthouse in Uvoy, Mahatao as seen from Rakuh-a-Payaman

Marlboro Country

Rakuh-a-Payaman is now commonly called as the Marlboro Country mainly mainly because visitors often associate Rakuh-a-Payaman’s landscape with the setting of the commercial of the Marlboro cigarette.

How to get to Rakuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)

From Basco, ride a jeepney going to Mahatao and alight at the Municipal Hall then take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Rakuh-a-Payaman. Going back to Mahatao on commute can be hard so I suggest you talk to the tricycle driver to wait for you or return to fetch you.


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