Villa Rosa Ancestral House in Pitogo, Quezon

Villa Rosa Ancestral House or Villa Rosa Mansion is one of the oldest houses in Pitogo, Quezon and said to have been frequented by President Manuel L. Quezon during his visits to the municipality.I went here at 12:10 p.m. on October 28, 2011 . This was during Bondoc Peninsula‘s BonPen Festival 2011 and my first time in Quezon, the 15th province on my list.

Villa Rosa Ancestral House

Villa Rosa Ancestral House

Originally built in the 1900s, the current owner of this century old house is Attorney Correa, a former mayor of Pitogo. Now retired in politics, he spends the day showing visitors the antiques inside the house, including the room where President Manuel Quezon stayed at, and telling historical stories from his time.

With old chairs, tables, photos, paintings, and an old barometer, the Villa Rosa Ancestral House and the fixtures inside it tells a very rich history of Pitogo. Could be a museum if you will.


Villarosa Ancestral House

Pitogo, Quezon

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