Price Mansion (CAP Building): Once The Provisional Capitol of the Philippines

The Price mansion, now known as the CAP Building or CAP Tacloban, was the residence of Walter Scott Price, his wife Simeona Kalingag, and their children in Tacloban City, Leyte. It also served as the headquarters and residence of General Douglas MacArthur during The Liberation in 1944 and once the Provisional Capitol of the Philippines. The Price Mansion is an example of American colonial homes popularly built in the 1990s.

I went here at 1:23 p.m. on July 17, 2013. This was during my first time in Leyte, the 21st province on my list.

Price Mansion

Price Mansion

Constructed in 1910 and enlarged in 1936, the Price Mansion served as Provisional Capitol from 20-23 October 1944 upon the reconstitution of the Commonwealth of the Philippines for President Sergio Osmeña.

On October 20, 1944 the Japanese bomb penetrated the roof over General MacArthur’s room.The hole caused by the bombed was preserved and can still be seen today.

Acquired by the College Assurance Plan and made no major alterations to preserve its original architecture, it now houses the CAP Family of Companies, Victory Church, a law office, a school, the MacArthur Room, an Art Gallery, and a Conference Center.

The MacArthur and Osmeña Bronze Statues

MacArthur and Osmeña Statues

MacArthur and Osmeña Statues, standing tall beside the Price Mansion (CAP Building)

On the right side of the mansion facing Justice Romualdez Street, the bronze statues of MacArthur and Osmeña stand proud, a fitting remembrance of the two people most remembered for their participation in the Leyte Landing and the Battle of Leyte which liberated the Philippines from the Japanese Imperial Army.

Turnover Ceremony

On October 23, 1944, General Douglas MacArthur re-established the Philippine Commonwealth in Tacloban with Sergio Osmeña as President.

At that period in history, Tacloban was both the general headquarters of the liberation forces of the United Stated of America and the seat of government of the Philippine commonwealth.

Walter Scott Price

Walter Scott Price is an American soldier and businessman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was part of the U.S. Army assigned to the Philippines at the onset of the Spanish-American War. During his stay in the Philippines, Price met and eventually married Simeona Kalingag, a Caviteña, on January 1, 1901. They settled in Tacloban City and founded the Leyte Transportation Company (Letranco) and the Bazar Gran Capitan.

How to go to Price Mansion

From Daniel Z Romualdez Airport, ride a jeepney going to downtown and tell the driver to drop you off at the Price Mansion.

If you’re coming from downtown, it’s a short walk by taking Justice Romualdez Street or you may choose to ride a tricycle,  jeepney, or multicab. Fare is Php 8 and travel time is less than 3 minutes.

Price Mansion

Justice Romualdez Street, Tacloban City
Leyte, Philippines

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