Camandag Island in Samar

Camandag Island is an island in the province of Samar situated in the eastern part of the Visayan Sea, located to the northeast of Almagro Island, Sayon Island, and Keriketi Island, north of Santo Niño Island and Pilar Island. Administratively, it is one of the three islands that comprises the fifth class municipality of Santo Niño. The island is home to six hamlets: Barangay Balatguti, Barangay Corocawayan, Barangay Lobelobe, Barangay Pinanangnan, Barangay Sevilla, and Barangay Villahermosa.

Camandag Island

Camandag Island

I saw this island at 9:43 a.m. on July 17, 2013 aboard a Tigerair Philippines flight bound for Tacloban City, Leyte.

Camandag Island is located about 37 km off the north coast of the island of Biliran , 23 km south-west of Calbayog City, and 70 km east of the island of Masbate in the southern part of the central Samar Sea . The island has an area of about 9.8 km².

Camandag Island is volcanic in origin. The island has a circular shape, the coastline is characterized by shallow incised bays. The topography of the island has a gently undulating character in the center of the island and rises to over 400 meters above sea level. The vegetation of the island consists partly of dense tropical vegetation. A tourist infrastructure does not exist on the island.

Santo Niño Island is located 13 km to the south, about 10 km southwest is Keriketi Island and Almagro Island, 39 km to the northwest is Tagapul-an Island,  and 37 km to the southwest is Maripipi Island.

How to go to Camandag Island

There is no airport in Camandag Island, it only be reached by boat. From the port of Calbayog City, it is a two (2) hours motorboat ride. From Malapascua, it is approximately three (3) hours away.

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