Finding the Rakuh-a-idi Spring (Fountain of Youth) in Uyugan, Batanes

Rakuh-a-idi Spring (also called Spring of Youth or Fountain of Youth) is a man-made spring located at the eastern end of Madi Bay in Barangay Imnajbu, Uyugan, Batanes.

I went here at 10:15 a.m. on February 23, 2013. This was during my first time in Batanes, the 29th province on my list.

Rakuh-a-idi Spring (Fountain of Youth)

Rakuh-a-idi Spring (Fountain of Youth)

How to get to Rakuh-a-idi Spring

From Basco, take a jeepney to Mahatao. Drop off at the municipal hall and take a tricycle. Tell the driver to drop you off at Diura Fishing Village in Barangay Uvoy, Mahatao. It’s about three kilometers or 10 minutes away from Mahatao.

Rakuh-a-idi Spring can be reached by taking a 30-minute trek towards east from the Diura Fishing Village. At the end of Diura Fishing Village is a Y junction. Take the left arm going down and you will find the spring at the base below the stairs of rocks near the beach.

Alternatively, you may rent a tricycle, jeep, or a van from Basco to go straight to the spring.

Rakuh-a-idi Spring and Mount Iraya at the background

Rakuh-a-idi Spring and Mount Iraya at the background. The tree on the left is of a native fruit called uhangu. Uhangu fruit is eaten by coconut crabs.

Fountain of Youth

Called Fountain of Youth, locals believe that the clear and cold water of Rakuh-a-idi Spring has mystical powers, supposedly bringing more life or healing anyone bathing or drinking at the spring.

Rakuh-a-idi Spring get its waters from the falls flowing from the hills of Imnajbu. A tube is placed at the pool of the falls to bring the water down the man-made spring.

Near the spring is a thatched hut, a toilet room, a grotto. According to dgeekdcook, the the place where the fountain is located is called Riacoyde.



Rakuh-a-idi Spring

Barangay Imnajbu, Uyugan
Batanes, Philippines

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