Capiz Provincial Capitol: The Seat of the Provincial Government of Capiz

The Capiz Provincial Capitol is a building located in Downtown Roxas, that houses the provincial government of Capiz in the Philippines. The capitol building contains the chambers of the Capiz Legislature and the office of the governor. The capitol stands as one of the most prominent landmark at the center of the city.I went here at 6:47 a.m. on September 30, 2013 with my college friend, Jason. This was during my first time in Capiz, the 28th province on my list.

Capiz Provincial Capitol

Capiz Provincial Capitol

How to get to Capiz Provincial Capitol

From Roxas Airport, ride a jeepney going to downtown and walk your way to Capiz Provincial Capitol.

From Iloilo International Airport, take a two hour bus ride to Roxas City.

From National Port of Culasi, ride a jeepney going to downtown.

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