A List of All the Reasons Cebu Pacific Told Us to Book that Damn Seat

Just for fun (or boredom), I complied every tagline Cebu Pacific used on their seat sale to encourage us to book (or in our case, the reasons we used to have our vacation).

Hey, I’m not complaining.

Two of my favorites are ZERO to HERO and 1 For EveryJuan! Can you find yours below?

Ready, Get SEAT, Go!

Ready, Get SEAT, Go! (From Cebu Pacific Facebook page)

I’ll add up everything from 2009. Yes, I have five years to cover so cut me some slack. For the meantime, enjoy the following from January 2013.


Yo-LOW! Live life to the fullest with fares so low!


Trip for 3!!

HalloWEEE! A Halloween seat sale just for you!

Book Wisely! Exercise your right to fly with this seat sale!

October BEST!

Pang SALEfie! Visit picture-perfect destinations

Happy to SEAT you again!

Animo La SALE!!! Winner ang low, low fares namin!

Defy Gravity!

Fee Fly Fo Fum! I smell PISO fares to everyJuan!

October FARES na! Low, low fares to welcome October!

Annyeonghaseyo! Fly to Korea with our low, fares!

P1 just for FUN for every JUAN!

Be in the LOW! When it comes to low fares, it’s Cebu Pacific

The VIS seat sale! Irresistible seat sale to Visayas and more!

Throwback Thursdays UNO sa lahat!

Throwback Thursdays Love at FARES Sight!

Throwback Thursdays INAY Ko, Ang Mura!

Throwback Thursdays Join the Club!

Throwback Thursdays Just for Fun for Every JUAN!

SALE of Approval! Just the right fares for everyJuan!

SALE La Vie! Life is good with our low, low fares!

Wala Ka Sa LoLOW Ko!

SuBOOK na! Tried and tested low fares to keep you flying!

Still the 1! #MillionSeatsForJuan

Ready, SEP, Go!

All SEAT to fly! Seats on sale for everyJuan

HALF, HALF, Hurray!

From ZERO to HERO!

SEAT you soon!

Kadayawan FAREStival!

RegaLOW Namin Sa Inyo!

Low! Yes, yes Low! Low, low fares you can’t resist!


The SEAT is on!


Nothing ComFARES!

FARES Things First!

SEATS Your Heart Out!

Ready, Get SEAT, Go!

I’m LOWing it! Easy to love, easy to book low fares!

SEATS The Moment!

JULYO Gonna Call?

1 For EveryJuan!

Time to Set SALE!

Go with the LOW!


SEAS The Day! A Special Sale for Seafarer’s Day

We’ll Jet you there!

JET Going!


JUAN for the Road!

Join the Club! Sign up with CEB CLUB and book your next PISO FARE seat!

The FLIGHT is Right!


You FLIGHT Up My Life!

INAY Ko, Ang Mura!

All the MAY!

Seize the MAY!


May Juan is Labor Day!

SALE of Approval!


Go With The LOW!

Seek And You Shall FLY!

Happy Monday everyJuan!

Pana-LOW for everyJuan!

I LOW, Right?!

BRAVE The Date!

SALE It With A Kiss!

NEW make me happy!

A Blessing in the Skies!

SEATS Be With You!

MARCH mura’ng fares!


Stop, BOOK and Listen!

Whatta TRIPIC Deal!

FLIGHTS, Camera, Action!

Come and JET it!

MARCH Awaited!

I Love You So MARCH!


HALF a Good Time!

Freedom of SEATS! Remembering People Power with a P25 Seat Sale to all Domestic destinations!

BEACH Foot Forward!

INIT To Win It!

Why EveryJUAN Flies!

To ROAM With Love!

Sssssssseat Sale!

Ni How MUCH?

SALE Mates!

SEAT Heart!

DOSE Get Any Better Than This!

It’s For SHORE!

The BEACH is Yet to Come!

DIEZ is it!

SUMMER Down the Road!

Love is in the FARE!

We know you JUAN it!

Home SEAT Home!

FARES love never dies!

JAN to the world!





So, what’s your favorite reason to book with Cebu Pacific Air? Shout them out at the comments below.

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