Manila Among the Fastest Growing Destination Cities

Manila is one of the destination cities to watch out for according to the third annual Global Destination Cities Index released by MasterCard.

With a growth of 72.9% seen from 2009 to 2013, Manila ranked tenth among the list of Top 20 in Growth Rates of International Visitor Arrivals.

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Part of the reason for Manila’s increase in visitors could be attributed to the year old It’s More Fun in the Philippines tourism campaign by the Department of Tourism.

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Also according to the same index, Manila is Singapore’s top four feeder city, Kuala Lumpur‘s top five feeder city, and Hong Kong‘s top five feeder city.

As Manila attracts more international visitors, there is the inevitable pressure on improving public infrastructure and facilities. With the right policy responses, a virtuous circle can be set in motion; more international visitors leading to more and better investment to improve the cityscape and the overall urban environment, which in turn makes Manila more attractive to more international visitors. Businesses are then encouraged to invest in the city, further improving employment and income. Thus, in a slower-growing global economy, Manila (and the Philippines) could play a much larger role in sustaining global service trade while supporting the national economy through stronger growth in employment and income in the urban economy. Manila have always been important, but is set to become even more so in the future.

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