Top 6 Airlines in the Philippines According to Twitter (November 2012)

Four months on since I published the most followed Philippine airlines on Twitter. Now let’s see which ones moved up (or down) on the list.

Air Asia Philippines

Air Asia Philippines

1.  Philipine Airlines (417,281) @flyPAL
2. Cebu Pacific (416,620) @CebuPacificAir
3. Airphil Express (39, 272) @airphilexpress
4. Zest Airways (13,823) @FlyZest
5. South East Asian Airlines (5,080) @flyseair
6. AirAsia Philippines (4,102) @AirAsiaPH

Comparing the number of followers of each airlines back in July, we can see that Philippine Airlines grew its followers from 375,084 to 417,281, an 11.25 percent increase to claim the top spot away from Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific on the other hand gained just 6.87 percent from 389,842 to 416,620 followers.

Staying at the third spot is Airphil Express with an increase of 14.64 percent.

Zest Airways, South East Asian Airlines, and AirAsia Philippines had an increase of 15.23, 13.56, and 32.08, respectively. The three stayed at their places four months ago as fourth, fifth, and sixth most followed airlines on Twitter.

If we look at the percent increase of followers of each airlines, we can see that only Cebu Pacific grew by less than 10 percent and that Air Asia grew more than the other five airlines.

The numbers are based on followers as of November 3, 2012 @ 8PM.

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