Top 10 Tourist Attractions in China

China offers several extraordinary tourist attractions. If you don’t have enough time to travel around China, you must spare time to visit the these 10 tourist attractions.

1. The Great Wall

The Great Wall, located in the north of China, is 8851.8km long. It is one of the architectural wonders created by Chinese ancient people. The Great Wall was listed as world cultural heritage in December 1987. There is a saying: “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.”

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Barack Obama came to the Great Wall in November 2009, and he said “It gives you a good perspective that a lot of day-to-day things we worry about don’t matter so much.”

2. The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, also called the Imperial Palace, is located in the inner center of Beijing. The Imperial Palace, composed of around 900 buildings and 9000 rooms, was used by 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Forbidden City is the largest and the most complete ancient palace and architectural complex in the world.

3. Chengde Summer Resorts

Chengde Summer Resort, located in northern Chengde, Hebei Province, is known as “the Mountain Hamlet for Escaping the Heat.” Its building started in 1703, going through 3 emperors, Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong. During Qing dynasty, emperors used to spend their summer days at the resort, handling state affairs.

4. The Huangshan Mountain

The Huangshan Mountain, located in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, one of the ten Chinese famous mountains, is known as “the first miracle mountain.” Lots of famous poets composed beautiful poems For Huang Shan, such as Li Bai, Zhen Daoyuan, and Xu Xiake.

5. Lijiang Ancient City

Lijiang Ancient City, located in Lijiang, Yun Nan Province, is one of the second approved China’s historical and cultural cities. China has successfully declared Lijiang Ancient City as the world culture heritage.

6. Suzhou Gardens

Suzhou Gardens, located in Jiangsu Province, are nationwide famous for private gardens. It is mature in Song dynasty, thriving in Ming, golden in Qing dynasty. There were more than 170 gardens until the late Qing dynasty. Nowadays, over 60 are preserved completely, and 19 gardens are open to visitors.

7. The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, located in the western suburb of Beijing, is crowned as Royal Garden Museum. It was temporary imperial palace of Qing dynasty, the last building of “three mountains five gardens” (three mountains are consist of Longevity Hill, Fragrance Hill, and Jade Fountain Hill; five gardens refers to Qingyi Garden, Jingyi Garden, Jingming Garden, Changchun Garden, and Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden). The Summer Palace was featured in China’s World Record Association in 2009, honored as China’s largest living royal garden.

8. The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven, located in southern Beijing, was built in 1420. The emperors came to Temple worship the God of Heaven and pray for harvest during Ming and Qing dynasties.

9. Ancient Buildings on the Wudang Mountain

The Wudang Mountain, located in the northern Hubei Province, is known as the birthplace of Wudang martial arts. Wudang Mountain was announced as one of the world cultural heritages by the United Nations.

10. The Lushan Mountain

The Lushan Mountain, located in Jiujiang City, Jiangsu Province, consists of over 90 mountains. Lushan Mountain has a good reputation of “the Number one Waterfall Wonders in the World.” Numbers of poems praise Lushan Mountain, and “Watching The Lu Mountain Falls” composed by Li Bai is particularly famous.

Once you have a chance to visit China, don’t miss the above 10 amazing tourist attractions.

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