The History and Culture of the Jin Dynasty at the Jinshangjing History Museum in Harbin

Jinshangjing History Museum is a museum in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

I went here at 2:30 p.m. CST on August 8, 2011 right after I checked out at Shangri-La Hotel Harbin during the fourth day of my Harbin tour. This was during my second time in China, the first international country on my list.

The four emperors of the Jin Dynasty-Inside-Jinshangjing-History-Museum-4

The four emperors of the Jin Dynasty-Inside-Jinshangjing-History-Museum-4

Located at the Acheng District of Harbin, Jinshangjing History Museum lies some 23 kilometers southeast of the Ice City. It houses many relics from the Jin Dynasty (1115–1234) which was founded by the Wanyan, one of the clans of the Jurchen people, who were an ethnic group that inhabited what is now the southeastern region of China. Jurchens are the ancestors of the present-day Manchus.

The museum is grouped in nine exhibition halls showing more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics, including 12 artifacts and 22 national-level cultural relics that attest to almost every aspect of the Jin people’s lives, the only one in China to house such antiquities.

The imperial city of the Jin Dynasty once stood not far from the museum. At the peak of their power, the Jurchens ruled more than half of the land that is now recognized as China. But unfortunately today not even the ruins of this great city can be viewed here.

The descendants of the imperial family of the Wanyan clan is said to be living in the western part of China’s Gansu Province and in some parts of Taiwan.

How to get to Jinshangjing History Museum

Convenient road and railway networks make it easy to travel to and from Acheng, and the trip takes about half an hour by soft seat train. Alternatively, there are buses from Nangang Coach Station, opposite to the Railway Station. The telephone numbers for enquiries are 0451-86214436 and 0451-53634863. Should you perfer, you can take the bus to Mudanjiang and get off at Yuquan Town. However, if you decide to drive to the sightseeing spots on your own, do remember to drive along the State Highway 301.

Acheng is about 50 km from Harbin Taping International Airport, with National Highway 301 and Bin-Sui Railway running through it.



To enter Jinshangjing History Museum, the admission fee is CNY20, and an additional CNY15 is charged for admission to the Jintaizu Mausoleum Park.

Jinshangjing History Museum

Phone: 0451-53773079

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