Jian Lou and Its 94 Windows

Jian Lou  (Archery Tower) are the two remaining towers used for shooting arrows located at the southern edge of Tiananmen Square and north of Qianmen Dajie in Beijing, China.

I went here at 10:38 a.m. CST on July 6, 2012. This was during my third time in China, the first foreign country on my list.

Jian Lou (Archery Tower)

Jian Lou (Archery Tower)

Originally built in 1439, Jian Lou rises to 125ft (38m), has 94 windows that were used for shooting arrows. Together with the Zhengyag Men (Facing the Sun Gate) they formed a Qian Men (double gate), southern entry into the inner walled city of Beijing. It is part of Beijing’s central fortifications.

How to get to Jian Lou (Archery Tower)

Take Beijing Subway Line 2, get off at Tiananmen East Station.

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