Preparing for My First Winter Adventure Trip in South Korea

A little more than two months to go before I go to South Korea with my family. This will be our first time to experience winter and we’re all excited to prepare for our trip. In this post, I’m going to detail what’s going on right now and maybe you can help, yes? 🙂

My sister, nephew, and my nephew's cousin playing with snow in South Korea last year. Can't wait for our turn!

My sister, nephew, and my nephew’s cousin playing with snow in South Korea last year. Can’t wait for our turn!

Obtaining Tourist Visa for South Korea

My mom and older brother will renew their passports next week and then we’ll apply for South Korean tourist visa the week after. I’ll update this page and share our visa application experience.

Getting There (Manila to South Korea) and Back

Got our round-trip tickets from Cebu Pacific Air during their piso fare sale. We will fly in from NAIA Terminal 3 to Incheon International Airport on 14 January at 1520H and fly out back on 20 January at 2005H.

South Korean Won

We’ve got Korean Won already and if that’s not enough and we needed more, we plan on just exchanging dollars there.

What to Wear?

I’m excited to play with the snow but I’m a little worried on how I’m going to survive the cold weather during the entire trip, considering the temperature here in the Philippines.

I asked my friends for suggestions on where to get a good winter outdoor gear. I informed them that what I’m looking for is something that is good for our daily travels as well as for doing some snow sports. Skiing and ice skating are on top of my list. One friend told me to look for Columbia while another friend told me to look for Salomon or Outdoor Research. So I did a search about them on the Internet and I found a site called The Clymb. Good thing is that they offer the said brands plus several others so I compared them based on our needs and prices and I think I’m going to get our gears from Columbia.

Where to Go and What to Do?

We plan on going to Incheon, SeoulJeonju, Nami Island, and Jeju Island and if time permits, my twin brother and I would like to try skiing, outdoor skating, and snowman making. We’d love to try to only eat local food and drinks.

Where to Stay?

The plan is to spend a day each in Incheon and Nami, two days in Seoul, and three days in Jeju. Looked up some affordable hotels in those areas but haven’t booked yet. Do you think it is a good plan or do you think we need to adjust our schedule?

Korean Language

Annyeonghaseyo! I’m starting to learn some Korean words and basic phrases. I hope we can learn to pronounce words right and not get lost. 🙂

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