Kasabangan Falls Leisure Park in Biliran

Kasabangan Falls or Sampao Falls is a waterfall inside the Kasabangan Falls Leisure Park located near the south coast of Biliran, Philippines.

Kasabangan Falls

Kasabangan Falls

I went here at 11:50 a.m. on July 19, 2013. This was during my first time in Biliran, the 23rd province on my list.

At the base of the falls lies a pool of cold water. When I dipped my feet I was amused of how refreshing and relaxing the water is.

According to my driver, Kasabangan Falls is composed of 13 cascades from its highest level. The height of the falls pictured in this article is about 20 meters. The locals calls the seventh layer Saug.

Since being named as Kasabangan Falls Leisure Park, the local government made a covered concrete viewing deck near the falls. Personally, I don’t think the deck is needed as it alienates the natural beauty of the falls. I wish they remove it.

How to go to Kasabangan Falls

From Naval, go to or near the market to hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) and tell the driver to take you to Kasabangan Falls. If the driver isn’t familiar with the falls, say you want to go to Sampao village in Balaquid, Cabucgayan. Via Biliran Circumferential Road, travel time to the jump-off and entrance of the Park is about 40 minutes. Make sure you hire a motorcycle that has a powerful motor, the road leading to the jump-off is pretty steep.

Once at the jump-off, you need to trek at side of the valley on the top of the cascading water coming from the falls for about 15 minutes. Be careful crossing the boardwalk as some panels are loosely connected or totally gone.

At the end of the boardwalk is the guardhouse and office, this is where you need to pay the entrance fee.

TIP: When you’re at the steep road on your way to the park’s entrance and on the way back, turn to your back to enjoy the overlooking view of Cariaga Bay, Calumpijan Island (Poru), and Leyte.

How much

Ordinance 6 series of 2008 released by the Provincial Government of Biliran is an ordinance imposing entrance fees to the Kasabangan Falls. The entrance fee is Php 10 for adults, Php 5 for children, Php 8 for senior citizens (they get 20% discount).


Kasabangan Falls

Balaquid, Cabucgayan
Biliran, Philippines

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