Harbin Flood Memorial Tower

Harbin Flood Memorial Tower (Flood Control Monument or Songhua River Flood Monument) was built to commemorate the several floods happened near the Songhua River.

I went here at around 8 a.m. CST on September 7, 2011. This was during my second time in China, the first international country on my list.

Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower

Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower (Flood Control Monument)

The monument can be found at the northern tip or the riverside end of Zhongyang Street (Zhongyang Dajie) in Harbin where you can find kids and parents painting.

The tower itself is not awe inspiring but you’re just strolling around the Central Street, you may want to see it, especially during winter to view the frozen Songhua River.

The Harbin Flood Memorial Tower is said to be the great entrance to Songhua River.

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