Top 5 Coffee Shops in Davao City

These past few years, we’ve seen the number of both homegrown coffee shops and multinational coffee chains in Davao sprout like mushrooms. These coffee shops don’t only cater to coffee lovers as there are also a lot of coffee shops in the city that appeals to the different preferences of the market. Undeniably, Davaoeno’s spend as much time in coffee shops as they do at home, in schools, and in their work place.

Brewing Coffee

Given the number of coffee shops in town, sometimes we find ourselves confused about where to go and spend our precious time and money. To help you in the decision making process, presenting the Top 5 Coffee Shops in Davao City based on reviews, word of mouth, and personal experience.


Known for their layered coffee, they serve a huge range of coffee, tea and chocolate drink varieties. Patrons of Zabadani also love the low-key, cozy and still elegant Persian vibe by the place. Everything in the menu is Halal and oh-so-Halalicious!

Green Coffee

This coffee shop boasts of having the first outdoor air conditioned garden in the country! Not only that, but they are also the first coffee shop to offer the ‘salt and cheese tea” series that rose to fame last year. They are open 24/7 so students and yuppies frequent the place at night.

Java Jive

One of the newest coffee shops in the city, Java Jive is gaining popularity because of their unique ambiance. They are open 24/7 and visitors will usually find an acoustic band playing live. Now that’s something one would expect from a restobar, instead of a coffee shop. For family and friends that enjoy music but don’t want the noise in bars, Java Jive is the perfect choice.

Caffe Firenzo

While they serve good Lavazza coffee, their meals and desserts are to die for! This Italian coffee shop also serves one of the most delicious pizza and gelato in town. They have high tables conducive for studying, and couches perfect for hanging out.


They’ve been around since as far back as the late 90’s and they have pioneered the coffee revolution in Davao. As a true homegrown hero among coffee shops, Blugre serves Durian coffee and desserts that is uniquely Davao. They have branches all over the city frequented by coffee lovers and professionals. Aside from the durian coffee, don’t forget to order their choco torte cake when you’re in Blugre.

As the saying goes “When in Davao, do as the Davaoeno’s do!” The next time you’re at a loss at where to go, keep in mind these choices and enjoy your coffee!

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