The World’s Highly Acclaimed Boracay Island – Tips, Guide & More!

If 2013 is the year for you to travel and enjoy, then you should know the top tourist destinations this year. According to, a leading hotel booking site, Boracay is the best place to go to.

The Boracay beach, found in the coast off of Aklan in the Western Philippines, is home to the best white sand beach in the world. After it was named the top beach destination for 2012 by Travel+Leisure Magazine, it now leads international tourist destinations in the world.

Boracay Beach

The results were based on the 113,000 respondents of who gave their feedbacks on their vacation after their stay. Nightlife and relaxation were the two categories that were rated. A scale of 1 to 5 was followed with 1 as “poor” and 5 as “excellent”.

As for relaxation, Boracay beach was the clear choice. This was followed by Bali in Indonesia at second and Koh Samui in Thailand at third.

As for nightlife, Bangkok Thailand got the first place for its tuk-tuks and temples. Following at second is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and then third is Boracay in the Philippines.

It is only Boracay that made it to the top ten of both categories that comes from the Philippines.

It is also interesting to note that just last year, Boracay was revealed to be made as a cruise ship stop over. The Legend of the Seas, the biggest cruise ship to visit the island, came late last year.

“This is a new and important tourism market. While the tourists will be staying in the ship instead of hotels, they will spend time on the island for swimming, island-hopping, golf and other sport activities, shopping and dining,” said Helen Catalbas, Regional Tourism Director.

This does not come as a surprise anymore as late last year, Boracay had its 1 millionth visitor who is South Korean Yuki Mau. And by the end of the year, about 1.2 million tourists flocked the Boracay beach.

If you want to enjoy Boracay at its best, you should know the seasons of the island. The low season brings in a fewer tourists, making you enjoy the lower rates and the less crowded beaches. It begins in May and ends in October.

The high season is when the beach is pristine and calm. Beginning in October and ending in May, there are more people who are looking to experience the sun and sand.

The peak season is during Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and Holy Week. The prices go up and the resorts in Boracay are mostly fully booked.

If you want to really enjoy both the beach and your accommodation, you are advised to book early for your ultimate dream boracay beach hotel. There are a lot of these especially in Station one as it is where the best and most luxurious hotels are located.

However, if your budget won’t let you enjoy a Boracay hotel and resort, then you can look for inns and pension houses around the island which are available at very low prices.

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