7 Davao Adventure Activities You Must Not Miss

Being the country’s biggest city in terms of land area, there are truly a lot of things to do in Davao city. There are plenty of tourist spots both downtown and uptown, many food joints with homegrown brands, and the multi-cultural mix just makes the city more interesting. These are the staple tourist loves but for the adventure hungry, the itinerary is different.

Davao River

Davao River (Photography by Oscar O. Denoga III)

If you are one of those people who visit new places in search of the perfect adrenaline rush, head to Davao and you’ll surely get the treat of your life. Here are the best to-dos, they say:

1. White Water Rafting – Conquer Davao River’s 30 rapids stretched along 13 kilometers or raging waters at Davao Wild Water Adventure. Book your trip via the Crocodile Park center at Diversion Road, Maa, Davao city.

2. Wakeboarding – Head down south, towards Mintal, Davao city, and you’ll get to Deca WakePark. There, you can enjoy all day wakeboarding for as low as P600. Many wakeboarders say their facility is truly world class. Go and see for yourself!

3. Zorb ball – The principle is simple: you strap yourself inside a giant plastic ball and the ball rolls down the hill. Your insides will get rearranged for a while, and no matter how loud you scream, there’s just no stopping gravity.

4. Zipline – Soar through hundreds of meters between mountain ranges and feel like a superhero! This is a favorite among adventure-lovers but if you’re a newbie, you can visit the short ride at Eden Nature Park.

5. Scuba Diving – Even the pros say that the beaches along Davao’s famous shores, Samal (Davao del Norte), hold the best underwater repertoire around. In fact, even if you’re just snorkeling, you’ll appreciate the bounty of their clean underwater flora and fauna.

6. Parasailing – Since this is a relatively new service to hit Davao, it’s a little bit more expensive than the one in Boracay. Get the bird’s eye view of the entire city and prepare to take in the glorious Mt. Apo View and a whisper of the Pacific Ocean.

7. Airsoft Shooting – A favorite (and affordable!) barkada activity, you and your barkada can act like the lineup for Expendables for an afternoon…for only a little bit above P100 each. The airsoft “war” facility at Matina Town Square is designed for games that will surely make you feel like you’re starring in an action film.

Feel your adrenaline boiling already? Book your next flight to Davao now and enjoy these adventure activities!

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