10 Locals to Befriend on Your Next Trip

When you visit a new area; which is completely alien to you, you should make new friends. The trick is to befriend the locals to instill a friendly relationship and make good memories. This article will definitely guide you towards 10 Locals to befriend on your next trip to make your trip even better and enjoyable.

The Taxi Driver

When you land at the airport, the first local friend of yours is the Taxi Driver. It is he who will guide you to new places you must visit during your stay. Taxi Drivers have a unique experience because they deal with tourists all day, and it is their job to take people towards various destinations.

The Hotel Staff

The Hotel Staff will receive you at the hotel. The hotel is the place where you will dwell at for the rest of your vacation, unless you are eager to visit different cities at regular intervals. From the receptionist to the manager; cooking staff, waiters, carriage bays, and room service staff – every person you meet in the hotel should be a good friend of yours so you can learn a lot about the location, foods, delicacies, and fun activities like festivals taking place at your location.

The Tour Guide

The Tour Guide is the one who will help you roam around during your trip. You have to be on good terms with him because he has a lot of experience and can help you get familiar with the history of the areas you visit.

The Local Children

Local children are very playful, although they can be mischievous and naughty, but their guidance can also prove to be very enjoying. Play with children to get along with them. It would be a fun experience for sure.

The Chef

If you are new to the place, how would you know what foods are good to eat? In order to taste the best, a chef should be your next best friend so that you can enjoy exploring new dishes every day.

The Security Staff

The Security Staff of the hotel can be very helpful in many ways. You have to be on good terms with them because they can give you tips on places not to visit and people not to communicate with. They will definitely keep you out of harm’s way.


People living in the next doors can be your kind neighbors. You can hang out with them, talk about the country and learn to speak at least one out of 175 different languages. They can be your companions during your trips to some of the most beautiful places. If you choose to stay in an apartment, your apartment might be foreigners as well.You can tag along with them to make it more fun and exciting.

Local Doctor

The local doctor can be your most needed friend. They have a great sense of humor, so you will never get bored of his medical jokes. Apart from the humor; doctors can guide you to a better health since you will be living in a different environment during the trip. He will advise you about a good diet and enlighten you about how to take care of your (or your family’s) health condition during your trip.

Life Guard

Befriending the local life guard is a very good idea! If you are a beach freak and you are into surfing or pool partying, a lifeguard will be at your side to prevent accidents. He/she will guide you about when and where you can take a dip.


A trip to a new place without getting drunk is no fun at all. Befriending the bartender will be a wise move so you can get the best wines and Champagne without delay.

These are the 10 Locals to befriend on your next trip so you can enjoy every moment of being there.

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