Top 25 Shopping Cities in Asia

Planning to go shopping in Asia? Global Blue Holdings AB released this year’s Globe Shopper Index which ranked the  Top 25 Shopping Cities in Asia.

Arch of Goodwill

Arch of Goodwill in Binondo. Binondo is an enclave in Manila primarily populated by ethnic Chinese living in the Philippines. It is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594.

The Globe Shopper Index ranking rated cities on five categories which they think travelers give more importance when traveling: Affordability, Convenience, Culture & Climate, Hotels and Transport, and Shops. These categories are, in turn, broken down into key indicators—the shopping priorities.

Manila ranked 11th in the Asia Pacific region with the overall score of 51.5 and was rated best in Affordability (shoppers get the most for one’s budget) and Explorer (Explorer shopper-types enjoy discovery, they seek to bring home with them a sense of the city and the culture).

The Globe Shopper Index compared 33 European and 25 Asia Pacific cities.

Top 25 Shopping Cities in Asia

1. Hong Kong
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Shanghai
4. Beijing
5. Singapore
6. Sydney
7. Bangkok
8. Tokyo
9. Seoul
10. Delhi
11. Manila
12. Taipei
13. Auckland
14. Bangalore
15. Guangzhou
16. Mumbai
17. Jakarta
18. Osaka
19. Ho Chi Minh City
20. Busan
21. Nagoya
22. Colombo
23. Dhaka
24. Karachi
25. Yangon

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