Review: My Villa Paraiso Resort & Apartelle Experience

In this review I will share my experience staying at Villa Paraiso Resort & Appartelle in Mambajao, Camiguin.

Villa Paraiso Resort & Apartelle

Villa Paraiso Resort & Apartelle

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Getting There

From Cagayan de Oro take a two hour bus ride going to Balingoan, from Balingoan take a one hour boat ride to Camiguin and then once at the port, take a jeepney ride to Mambajao.

Front Office

The front office of Villa Paraiso Resort & Apartelle is located at the left side of the entrance. The office is quite small. We can only find one staff inside, who was busy at the time doing something in her table. There is a map of Camiguin hanged on the wall and you will also find some items for sale and for rent.

Check In

The staff gladly showed us the economy standard, deluxe, standard, and the superior room. We ended up paying for the standard twin room located near the tennis court.


Villa Paraiso Resort’s standard twin room has clean white bed, table, television, and bathroom.


The bathroom is small, no complaints though as it is typical for standard rooms. One thing I wish it had is a hot shower.


Villa Paraiso Resort has a swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis, outdoor native restaurant, videoke & function hall, outdoor TV, Wi-Fi, and transport services. We rented a motorcycle from them for P500.

Bar and Restaurant

Their bar and restaurant is called Tiki Bar. It is practically where all guests can eat and drink. This is also the only place to have a Wi-Fi access.

The Staff

There are several staffs at the resort, they are friendly and helpful.

Check Out

When we checked out of the resort at the office, they checked our room first then the staff thanked us for staying with them.


The Bottom Line

Villa Paraiso Resort & Apartelle is simple and affordable. They are not located near the beach so if you want a view of the beach, this is not the place for you. But if you don’t mind not having a beach view, Villa Paraiso Resort and Apartelle is a good place to stay.

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