Bahay Padilla: The Padilla Ancestral House

The Padilla Ancestral House is the home of the Padilla family in Quiapo, originally owned by Manuel Padilla’s grand father.

The Padilla Ancestral house was built in the 1880s. Once majestic, the ancestral house in Quiapo have fallen to urban decay until real-estate scion and artist Manuel Padilla inherited it from his father.

“The house was built in 1880 and was restored twice,” Padilla said. “I inherited it from my father, Augusto. It was like Humpty Dumpty who fell from the wall.”

Present Day Padilla Ancestral House

Manuel Padilla renovated it into a gallery, known today as Padilla Gallery, and retail space. Padilla invested heavily in changing the roofs, salvaging the narra flooring, and changing capiz windows to antique stained-glass mosaic.

Padilla’s dream is to revive Quiapo and turn it into a tourist destination similar to the white stone-house districts in Singapore or Seville.

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