It’s Official, Summer is Over!

PAGASA announced today, May 31, the onset of rainy season.


Rain pours through Quezon City

Here’s the press release from PAGASA.

The observed weather patterns during the past fews days signal the onset of South West (SW) monsoon season. The occurrence of an intermittent to continuous rains in Metro Manila and the western sections of Luzon and Visayas ( areas under Type 1 climate ) due to early morning and late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms and the prevailing SW wind flow, are weather patterns associated with SW Monsoon. The presence of the a Low Pressure Area (LPA) east of Visayas and it’s likely strengthening into a tropical cyclone is expected to bring simultaneous rains over the western sections of the country and the most areas of Luzon and Visayas, reinforcing the monsoon trough and enhancing the SW monsoon as it moves towards the north. With these developments the onset of the rainy season in the country has been established. However, breaks in the rain events are commmonly experienced that last for several days to weeks due to the strengthening of the ridge of the North Pacific high pressure area.

I don’t know about you but raining or not, I’ll keep on traveling. 🙂

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