WSV: Window Seat View

Last April 2011, I was blessed to ride my first airplane flight, with a great window seat view. Destination? The Dim Sum Island — Hong Kong!

An Airbus of Philippine Airlines parked at one of the gates of NAIA Terminal 2 from my window seat

An Airbus of Philippine Airlines parked at one of the gates of NAIA Terminal 2 from my window seat

My flight was around 9 AM and I read somewhere that I need to be at Terminal 2 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, to check-in, at least three hours before my flight. So I asked my eldest brother to drive me there at around 6AM. Since it’s my first time to ride a plane and go out of the country, I had no clue what’s ahead of me at the airport. So when my brother dropped me off, I was like reading all the signs inside the airport terminal. I was that crazy.

I checked-in for my flight, paid for the terminal fee and travel tax, get through security (for a second, I thought they’re going to strip-search me like in the movies), get to my gate and sat there. I survived!

Thinking about what I just went through. I realized, like any other first-time flyer, I wanted to have the window seat for me to see the view while ascending and descending but I wasn’t really planning on it before checking-in. But then again, I was lucky. Since I was early to check-in, the guy at the check-in counter asked me if I wanted the isle or the window seat. So I giddily answered I wanted the window seat. Yahoo!

A couple of minutes passed, I saw our gate being opened. I stood up and went to the lavatory before lining in queue. Right after entering the gate, the Captain greeted us a good morning. And then there’s my problem, finding my seat. I asked the flight attendant closest to me where my seat is and she guided me, then I thanked her.

So what about my window seat view? Here it is! 🙂

View of Luzon from my window seat

View of Luzon from my window seat

I can’t find a word to describe what I was feeling back then. I just love how it felt. Especially so during the take off and landing.

I’m all smiles!

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