Places in Jomalig You Must See and Visit

If you’re coming to Quezon for tourism, there’s plenty to see. But if you prefer an off-the-beaten-path, I suggest you hop on a six hour boat ride and head to the northeastern tip of the province to visit Jomalig Island. Read this post to find out some of the best places to visit in Jomalig.

Salibungot Beach, Jomalig Island

Salibungot Beach, Jomalig Island

Salibungot Beach

Long stretch of golden sand beach lined with majestic Agoho trees. Perfect for camping or picnic.

Bigwangan Beach

Like Salibungot, Bigwangan Beach is a long stretch of golden sand beach.

Sadong River

The largest river in the island.

Jomalig Fish Sanctuary

Snorkel of scuba dive at the sanctuary.

Islets of Canaway

Island hopping with a twist of rock-climbing and secluded beaches. During low tide, you may walk along the sandbar to reach the islets.

Lingayen Cove

A beautiful pristine beach secluded between two big boulders of rocks.

Manlanat Island

A rocky island where migratory birds live, it is ideal for bird watching.

Mangrove Reforestation

Traverse hectares of mangrove trees planted as part of the municipality’s environmental protection initiative.

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