Where to Stay in Tacloban, A Guide to Finding the Best Hotels for Every Budget

Tacloban, with an area of 201.72 km²,  is not too small nor not too large a city by Philippine standards but like any other city, finding a a place to stay always raises questions like “Where to stay in Tacloban?”

In this section, you will find our easy-to-read (hopefully), step-by-step guide will help you pick the right type of hotels and other accommodations for your visit in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines.

Tacloban’s tourist attractions and points of interest that are scattered near the downtown such as the Price Mansion and the Santo Nino Shriñe & Heritage Museum.

    Leyte Park Hotel showing its pools and villas with Mount Danglay at the background

Leyte Park Hotel showing its pools and villas with Mount Danglay at the background

The city is served by one airport – Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport (TAC), the main airport serving the eastern part of Visayas.

Okay, you now know a little bit about Tacloban so let’s find your hotel by answering the following questions by considering several factors:

How long will you stay in Tacloban?

If like many tourists–you’re spending only one, two, or maybe up to five nights in the Tacloban, a location that’s easy to reach from your arrival or departure point (such as an airport or bus station) may be the most important consideration in where to stay. But if If you’re in the city for at least a week, a “live like a local appeal” may be the more important consideration.

Types of accommodation and how much do you have to spend?

You’ve got plenty of choices. From apartments, hostels, hotels, to pension houses. If you’re trying to manage expenses, pension houses can give you more for your money. Stay away from multi-starred hotels where restaurants, cafés, and bars in or around it tend to be more expensive.

What do you want to do?

Are you staying for business or pleasure? Will you be out most of the time? Are you looking for night parties?

Do you like to walk?

Tacloban is a walkable city, and most of its tourist attractions are within easy walking distance from the downtown. For this reason, we urge you to stay in the downtown area unless you have a good reason for going elsewhere (e..g. because you love the beach side of Vic-Mar or you have an early-morning departure).

Looking for Tacloban hotels for special occasions?

If your trip is to mark a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, there are only a few luxurious hotels in Tacloban. Among the top hotels in the city is the famous and equally controversial Leyte Park Hotel. This is the hotel where you may rub shoulders with the stars and the famous or just rich.

The List

Of course, you want names, addresses, and contact numbers of the places you might want to stay so here they are:

Asia Stars Hotel
Padre Zamora Street

Baluarte Beach Resort
San Jose

Casa Anson
Lopez Jaena Street

Casa de Tacloban
Rizal Avenue

Casa Real
Real Street

Go Hotels Tacloban

Golden Key Inn
Salazar Street

Granda Manor

Grand Royal Suites
Paterno Street

GV Hotel Tacloban

Hotel Alejandro
Paterno Street

Hotel D’ Angelo
Corner Burgos & Rizal Avenue

Hotel La Rica
Padre Zamora Street

Leyte Park Hotel
Magsaysay Boulevard

LNU House
Paterno Street

Luxury Suite Hotel
3F TCS Building, Padre Burgos Street

Manhattan Inn
Rizal Avenue

Primerose Hotel
Zamora Street

Quarter House Pensionne
Justice Romualdez Street

Rosvenil Penisonne
302 Padre Burgos Street

Tacloban Plaza Hotel
Justice Romualdex Street

Vic-Mar Beach ResortSan Jose

Villa Jessica Inn

Villa Lolita Apartel

Village Townhouse
Imelda Avenue

Welcome Home Pensionne
162 Santo Nino Street

Zpad Residences

XYZ Hotel

TIP: With around 1800 rooms in about 30 hotels in Tacloban, booking ahead is a good idea if you’re looking to travel in the high season (November to January) and essential in peak season (February to May). Conversely, it is entirely optional during the low season (June to October). That said, if you don’t book ahead, even in the high or peak seasons, you’ll always find something  — eventually.


Are you looking for a place stay in Tacloban that is not on our list or you know a newly opened place? Shoot us an email or tell us about them at the comments below.

Found your hotel? That’s great! Hope you enjoy your stay in Tacloban! 🙂


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