Where to Stay in Manila, A Guide to Finding the Best Hotels for Every Budget

As the country’s center of everything, you’ll find that Manila offers plenty of choices to stay but it still raises the question of “Where to stay in Manila?”

In this section, you will find our easy-to-read (hopefully), step-by-step guide that will help you pick the right type of hotels and other accommodations for your visit in City of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

With an area of 38.55 km²,  Manila is a small city by Philippine standards. Statistically, it is among the 20 smallest of the 144 cities of the country. Most of its tourist attractions and points of interest are scattered near Intramuros, the old walled city.

Super Deluxe room at 1612 Adriatico Pensionne Inn

Super Deluxe room at 1612 Adriatico Pensionne Inn

The city is served by one airport – Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the main airport serving the Philippines.

Now, to find the right answer, you need to consider several factors:

How long will you stay in Manila?

If like many tourists–you’re coming to Manila as a stop over to your next destination and will be spending only one, two, or maybe up to five nights, a location that’s easy to reach from your arrival or departure point (such as an airport or bus station) may be the most important consideration in where to stay. But if If you’re in the city for at least a week, a “live like a local appeal” may be the more important consideration.

Types of accommodation and how much do you have to spend?

You’ve got plenty of choices. From apartments, hostels, hotels, guest houses, to pension houses. If you’re trying to manage expenses, stay away from starred hotels where restaurants, cafés, and bars in or around it tend to be more expensive.

Hotels: Pan Pacific Manila, Grand Prix Hotel and Suites Manila, Century Park Hotel Manila, Best Western La Corona, Manila Grand Opera Hotel, Bayview Park Hotel, The Oasis Park Hotel, Armada Hotel Manila, Sohotel Malate Manila, Kimberly Hotel, Manila Hotel, Baywatch Tower Hotel Manila, Pearl Garden Hotel Manila, Manila Pavillion Hotel, Tune Hotels Manila, Hotel H2O, Executive Plaza Hotel Manila, G Hotel Manila by Waterfront, Pearl Lane Hotel, The Pearl Manila, Ramada Manila Central, City Garden Suites, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, Leesons Residences, Riviera Mansion Hotel, Casa Bocobo Hotel, Golden City Hotel, Lotus Garden Hotel Manila, Diamon Hotel Philippines, The Bayleaf Intramuros, Las Palmas Hotel Manila, Eurotel Pedro Gil, Paragon Tower Hotel, Victoria Court Malate Hotel, Manila Manor Hotel, Casa Nicarosa Hotel, Manila Venetial Hotel, Mabini Mansion Manila, Palm Plaza Hotel, New Hotel Miramar, White Knight Hotel Intramuros, Hotel Baywatch 1403 Manila, Orchid Garden Suites, Rothman Hotel, Hotel Sogo Avenida, Hotel Paradis, Cherry Blossoms Hotel, New Solanie Hotel, Aloha Hotel Manila, Boulevard Mansion, Hotel Sogo, Orange Nest Hotel, The Corporate Inn Hotel, Swagman Rpl Hotel Manila, Taft Tower Hotel Manila, Garden Plaza Hotel Manila, Rosas Garden Hotel Manila, Hotel Sogo Cartimar Recto, M Chereville Hotel Manila, M Hotel Manila, Hotel Sogo Sta Mesa, Orion Hotel Manila, Hotel Indah Manila, Southern Cross Hotel, Binondo Suites Manila, Ralph Anthony Suites Manila
Hostel: Where 2 Next Manila Hostel, Buoy Hostel, Hostel 1632, Pink Manila Hostel, Malvar Hostel
Apartment: 1775 Adriatico Suites, Jmm Grand Suites, Jmm Apartment Suites
Inn: Gaius Pension Inn, Golden Mango Inn, Hotel Sogo Quirino Motor Drive Inn, 1612 Adriatico Pensionne Inn
Bed & Breakfast: Manila Postcards Bed & Breakfast
Guest House: Chill-Out Guesthouse
Other: Le Mirage de Malate Condominium Manila, Malate Pensionne, Toilena Room and Board

What do you want to do?

Are you staying for business or pleasure? Will you be out most of the time? Are you looking for night parties?

Do you like to walk?

Manila is a walkable city but for safety reasons, I do only advise you to walk. If you wish to walk, be a fast walker or walk with a companion. For solo travelers I suggest you rather take the jeepney or vans. Most of Manila’s tourist attractions are within Intramuros, Malate, Ermita, or Binondo. For this reason, we urge you to stay in one of these places unless you have a good reason for going elsewhere.

Manila hotels for special occasions

If your trip is to mark a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, there are several luxurious hotels in Manila. Among the top hotels in the city is the one bearing its name, the Manila Hotel in Ermita. This is the hotel where you may rub shoulders with the dignitaries and rich people.

The List

Of course, you want names, addresses, and contact numbers of the places you might want to stay so here they are:

Pan Pacific Manila

Grand Prix Hotel and Suites Manila

Century Park Hotel Manila

Best Western La Corona

Manila Grand Opera Hotel

Bayview Park Hotel

The Oasis Park Hotel

Armada Hotel Manila

Sohotel Malate Manila

Kimberly Hotel

Manila Hotel

Baywatch Tower Hotel Manila

Pearl Garden Hotel Manila

Manila Pavillion Hotel

Tune Hotels Manila

Hotel H2O

Executive Plaza Hotel Manila

G Hotel Manila by Waterfront

Pearl Lane Hotel

The Pearl Manila

Ramada Manila Central

City Garden Suites

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Leesons Residences

Riviera Mansion Hotel

Casa Bocobo Hotel

Golden City Hotel

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Diamon Hotel Philippines

The Bayleaf Intramuros

Las Palmas Hotel Manila

Eurotel Pedro Gil

Paragon Tower Hotel

Victoria Court Malate Hotel

Manila Manor Hotel

Casa Nicarosa Hotel

Manila Venetial Hotel

Mabini Mansion Manila

Palm Plaza Hotel

New Hotel Miramar

White Knight Hotel Intramuros

Hotel Baywatch 1403 Manila

Orchid Garden Suites

Rothman Hotel

Hotel Sogo Avenida

Hotel Paradis

Cherry Blossoms Hotel

New Solanie Hotel

Aloha Hotel Manila

Boulevard Mansion

Hotel Sogo

Orange Nest Hotel

The Corporate Inn Hotel

Swagman Rpl Hotel Manila

Taft Tower Hotel Manila

Garden Plaza Hotel Manila

Rosas Garden Hotel Manila

Hotel Sogo Cartimar Recto

M Chereville Hotel Manila

M Hotel Manila

Hotel Sogo Sta Mesa

Orion Hotel Manila

Hotel Indah Manila

Southern Cross Hotel

Binondo Suites Manila

Ralph Anthony Suites Manila

Gaius Pension Inn

Golden Mango Inn

Hotel Sogo Quirino Motor Drive Inn

Where 2 Next Manila Hostel

Buoy Hostel

Hostel 1632

Pink Manila Hostel

Malvar Hostel

1775 Adriatico Suites

Jmm Grand Suites

Jmm Apartment Suites

Manila Postcards Bed & Breakfast

Chill-Out Guesthouse

Le Mirage de Malate Condominium Manila

Malate Pensionne

Toilena Room and Board

1612 Adriatico Pensionne Inn

TIP: With around 12,000 rooms in about 200 hotels in Manila, booking ahead is a good idea if you’re looking to travel in the high season (November to January) and essential in peak season (February to May). Conversely, it is entirely optional during the low season (June to October). That said, if you don’t book ahead, even in the high or peak seasons, you’ll always find something  — eventually.


Are you looking for a place to stay in Manila that is not on our list but you’re sure it should be or you know a newly opened place? Shoot us an email or tell us about them at the comments below.

Found your hotel? That’s great! Hope you enjoy your stay in Manila! :)


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