Things to Do at Mountain Resorts

There are plenty of unexpected activities that you can find interesting at a mountain resort. Usually, mountain resorts are not as scary as most teen, hostage-taking thriller films would portray them to be. Depending on the location of the mountain resort, there are generally a ton of different stuff you can do with friends and family. These activities are not only fun, but are also exciting stuff that you can share with your loved ones to cherish. Of course you can always let your imagination run wild. These activities are only suggestions. Here are some of the great things you can expect to do at those mountain resorts:

Mines View Park

Mines View Park in Baguio, Benguet (Photography by Urville86)

Explore Nature

Nature hikes and exploration activities are always top priorities. Depending on the nearest nature-reserve spot, you can always almost expect every mountain resort to have these packages along with their services. Apart from your rooms being situated near the outdoors, you can explore it more fully if you embark on these guided tours. Some mountain resorts have hikes across the woods, and some tourist spots along the way with historical importance to the locals. Others have unique tours by virtue of the special location that they have. Like for those resorts close to lakes, they boat you there as well.

Have a Gastronomic Treat

Furthermore, mountain resorts have special delicacies that blend well with the outdoors. They usually serve food that are about as exotic as the resort itself. Since they are situated near a mountain, you can’t expect Starbucks or McDonald’s to have delivery services there. Instead, indulge yourself with the resort’s special menu crafted after the outdoors. They’d usually serve fish, vegetables and poultry that are typical to the place. Of course, don’t try something too exotic which you feel can upset your stomach. There’s nothing really harmful with trying food native to the mountain resort. Just know your allergies and ask for a good description from the waiter with what they can recommend for you.

Strike the Balance

Lastly, mountain resorts offer you the option to embrace the outdoors without being too disconnected from your professional or personal life. The difference with staying at mountain resorts is that it’s not like getting lost in the jungle. They have internet and cellphone coverage too! This means that when you want to go all-out with your mountain resort vacation, ignore all your gadgets and rough it in with the outdoors. However, in cases of emergencies at work or elsewhere, you have the option to log on to the Internet or call someone with your phone. However, the difference that these resorts have is that you are given more incentive not to rely so much on your gadgets to have fun and just enjoy the outdoors.

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