Travel Photo Value Way More than 1000 words..Until Deleted

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words, a thousand dollars if you ask a photographer, and at least twice over if you ask a travel blogger. A good travel photo can tell a beautiful story – of our experiences and (mis)adventures. Intrepid Wanderer’s Photo of the Day alone takes us around the Philippines often. Now, what can we make of a deleted (corrupted) photo? Nothing. Niks. Nada.

Galwin inside a server room

It’s me but no, that’s not my home computer room. 🙂

And right now, I have nothing. My hard drive died on me yesterday. That’s 250GB of travel photos taken from my journeys around the Philippines, Hong Kong, and China.

I’m trying to recover anything that I can (do you know a reliable data recovery service provider within Metro Manila?) but I’m more of in the process of preparing my self to move on and to travel again to those ‘lost places.’ 🙁

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