Happy New Year

Dear Lord, as I close the door on this old year,
I ponder on the things I’ve done…
on the things I’ve said and the joys I’ve had…
then I wonder, have I lost or won?

I’ve thought of the new friends I have made,
and of the old ones staunch and true…
the path of the old year was made easier Lord,
because I have walked it with You.

I think of all the many times,
when my burdens were so heavy to bear,
and how my faith slipped away from me…
but somehow You were always standing there.

Now as I open the door to this New Year,
and carefully peep inside,
I wonder what it holds for me…
but I’ll throw the door open wide

And whatever it brings to me and mine,
I’ll meet it with a heart so true…
I know that, Lord whate’er it may be
You’ll be there to carry me through.

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