Need a place to stay? Let me help you with that.

Other than the travel guides, tips, and stories found here at Intrepid Wanderer, I also want to help you get the most out of your holiday by paying the lowest price possible.

If you’re following me, you’d know I love to stay in affordable hotels without sacrificing comfort and experience. I know, finding that perfect holiday accommodation can be hard but guess what? Technology has evolved and it’s here to help us. One of my go to site to find hotels is I find Trivago useful as it easily allows me to search and compare hotels from more than 200 booking sites, featuring over 700,000 hotels throughout the world sorted by location, price, rating, and popularity. It’s been a saver! I can easily find conveniently located hotels with amenities I need at the price I can afford.

How about you, where do you go to when looking for hotels?