Unusual Hotels in London

When you spend a lot of time working away you get used to spending night after night in the same kind of hotels – bed, bathroom, wardrobe, view over the city (or car park if you’re not lucky enough), and a full English breakfast in the morning. It can all get a bit repetitive.

Therefore when it comes to going on holiday, whether you’re going abroad or just for a city break with your partner for a few days, you want to stay somewhere a bit different in a place that doesn’t just fell like another hotel, but somewhere special that adds to the quality of the trip. With London a particularly popular city for tourists, you might be looking for a ‘different’ hotel, and there are tons of hotels near Oxford Street London that are both ‘different’ and within walking distance of the places you want to see or the Underground transport network to help you get around.

Smithfields Market

Smithfields Market (Photography by Alex Askew)

One example is the unique looking W London, located in Leicester Square. The futuristic styling on the exterior of the building is continued inside making for a truly spectacular experience. Each room within the hotel shows a really modern theme with iPod docking stations and DVD players available for all guests to help them relax after a busy day seeing the sights and sounds of the capital.

Okay, this one isn’t exactly ‘quirky,’ but it’s by no means your normal kind of hotel. The Ritz is the up-market hotel that everyone dreams of staying in to feel like a King or Queen for a few days. The five-star location close to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace has an Art-Deco bar, fitness centre and formal dining room to provide everything you could possibly want from a 133-room hotel in the heart of the city.

The Fitzroy hotel in Mayfair is easily overlooked – mainly because it looks just like a traditional townhouse with gates across the front, tall windows and a natural ‘homely’ feel. A hotel in this part of London is usually in high demand and it’s easy to see why in the case of the Fitzroy. Close to the British Museum as well as Trafalgar Square, you’re close to all transport links and never far from something to see. Rooms are equipped with everything you would expect including Wi-Fi Internet access and air conditioning.

The UK as a whole has numerous attractions that attract visitors from all over the world to this small island nation off mainland Europe. With the history and culture, as well as major pulls such as sports teams it’s easy to see why so many people flock to the UK each year for a holiday, weekend break or sightseeing tour. It’s surprising to know just how many residents of the UK have never visited the main attractions, however, with hundreds living in the north having never visited London – to give just one example. Don’t miss out on a trip to the capital – especially when a quirky hotel can be the perfect accompaniment for your trip.

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