Saint Sophia Church: Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God

Saint Sophia Church is the typical representation of Byzantine church building in China. Built in 1907, it offers high historical value in research and architectural value in view.

I went here at around 7 p.m. CST on September 7, 2011. This was during my second visit in China, the first international country on my list.

Saint Sophia Church

Saint Sophia Church

In 1986, it was enlisted as the Class I protected architechture in Harbin, Heilongjiang and in 1996 it was included as the nation-level key protection.

At more than 100 years old, Saint Sophia Church is full of charm. The fresc, suspension lamp, bell tower, dome and stage inside the church possess high historical, cultural, and architectural value.

In Images: Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God or Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

I went here at the second night of my five days trip to Harbin.

Saint Sophia Church

Address: 88 Toulong Street, Daoli District
Open from 8:30-17:00
Fee: 15 Yuan for adults; 10 Yuan for students or children
Phone: 0451-84686904

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