Strolling Around Zhongyang Street (Central Street)

Zhongyang Street (Central Street or Kitaiskaya Street), a 1.45-kilometer long street, is a veritable museum of European architectural styles: Baroque and Byzantine facades, little Russian bakeries and French fashion houses, as well as non European architectural styles: American, Russian, and Japanese restaurants.

Central Street

Zhongyang Street (Central Street)

During winter, this cobblestone lined street allows one to walk out onto the ice or take a dog sledge or horse sledge ride. It is the prettiest site in Harbin as far as the city itself is concerned. Note that if you go mid-day during the weekend be prepared to push through the crowds.

Zhongyang Steet is Harbin’s landmark. If you don’t walk in Zhongyang Street, you can’t say that you ever visited Harbin. It is a must for travelers.

A century of culture, the unique European fashion, various stories and colorful night are elements of the Zhongyang Street. Romantic, vogue, elegant, and stylish. There stand 75 buildings in European and European-like style on both banks, among which 36 are protected architecture and 17 protected houses.

The entire pedestrian street is the first open-style, and public Architecture Art Museum across China and it can be titled as the Accumulation of Century Architectural Style and the Collection of World Art. Each building here tells a story, witnesses the history and records the events.

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