DPRK (North Korea) Will Open to Tourists from January 10, 2012

Attention Intrepid Wanderers! DPRK (North Korea) will be open to tourists from January 10th this year.

Let us go to the most mysterious country in the world…and explore a place many have heard of but which few have ever seen.

The North is a country run on communist principles but dominated by the country’s ‘Juche Idea’, a philosophy aimed at developing self-reliance. With the change in political direction of it’s old comrades Russia and China, North Korea has become increasingly isolated and is seen as one of the most difficult countries to get a tourist visa for.

There are two options available, group tours and individual tours. Group tours provides the best introduction to North Korea for a reasonable price while individual tours are for those who want to go at their own pace, to travel alone or with people they know.

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Should you travel to North Korea?
Travel broadens the mind and no more so than in North Korea. Any contact we have with the Korean people has to be beneficial in breaking down barriers, particularly as many people outside Pyongyang have not seen let alone interacted with foreigners. On our tours amazing things happen such as tourists joining in folk celebrations with the Koreans on their day off.

Is it Safe?
The DPRK does not appear on any lists of countries where it is dangerous to visit so I guess it is safe to visit. Besides, it is one of the last places in the world where there are very few visitors and you can have a big impact on whom you meet. No specific vaccinations are required for visiting the DPRK but we ask you to check with your doctor for advice before you travel.

How much will the North Korea tour cost?
Group tours may cost anywhere between $900 to $4000. Only two airlines fly to Pyongyang so there is almost no competition, that’s why prices are expensive. There are only 4 trains a week with very limited capacity and there is a limited choice of hotels that are available to foreigners, all expensive ones. It should be noted however that the tours are all inclusive from Beijing to DPRK and back to Beijing; covered in the price are plane and train tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, guides, transport around DPRK and entrance fees to the places visited. Extra money is only required for extra drinks with your meals, tips, and souvenirs/general spending money.

Can I take pictures/video in North Korea?
There are many restriction on photography that have to be obeyed in DPRK, however you can take pictures of most things and everyone who visits always takes many more pictures than they think they will (extra digital memory cards and sticks are NOT available in DPRK so be sure to take plenty of those). The Koreans do not examine your film or force you to develop the films you have taken (although the customs officials at Sinuiju may ask to see your pictures). Video cameras are generally prohibited but can be taken on some occasions, again restrictions as to their use do apply.

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For more information about going to DPRK (North Korea) or if you have any questions regarding tours to North Korea, check here.

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