Batlag and Daranak Falls

Batlag Falls and Daranak Falls are two of the popular falls in Rizal, the Philippines.

I went here on April 10, 2011, together with my Fairnews Media office mates.

How to get to Batlag Falls and Daranak Falls?

Ride a van (GT-Express) going to Tanay, Rizal, they are lined up near Starmall in EDSA-Shaw. You’ll reach Tanay in about three hours. Once in Tanay, take a tricycle ride to Daranak Falls.

Daranak and Batlag Falls are open from 8 a.m. to 5  p.m. Yes, they do not allow visitors to stay overnight.

Ayan, Ema, Joy, Lenie, Nickie, Rue, and Me met at the parking lot in front of Star Mall at around 6:30am and took a van going to Rizal. Just under an hour we’re at Rizal and went to Vince’s place.


There, we met Nanet, Rue, and Vince’s friend, Dion. From there, we went on our way to the town’s Bayan and bought Banana Cue, Buko, Camote Cue, Coke, Sprite, Uling, and Watermelon.

After that, we traveled to Daranak Falls.

Toothbrush Island

Toothbrush Island

See that island at the middle of the picture above? While on the road, Vince pointed to the island on our side and said to us that the island he’s pointing to is called Toothbrush Island. I don’t know if that is really the island’s formal name but it sure looks like a toothbrush.

babalik ka rin

After about 45 minutes we arrived at Daranak Falls. Entrance to the falls is 50 per person. At the entrance, we saw painted words on a big rock that says “Babalik ka rin! Hane!“. Isn’t it too bold to claim? We’re about to find out!

Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls

Once we entered inside, we can see why Daranak Falls is so popular. The rock formation there is so nice, the trees are so green, and the sound of the falls and the water flowing is relaxing.

Entrance of Batlag Falls

Entrance of Batlag Falls

But, Daranak Falls is too crowded. If you’re the type of traveler who does not want to share the place with the crowd, Daranak is not the place for you. Not to worry, though. Just a couple of hundred steps more, you can trail up and enjoy the less crowded Batlag Falls.

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We’re a little bit excited but that excitement watered down when the gatekeeper told us that DSLR cameras are not allowed, we should leave the camera to them, and get it back after we leave. Not wanting to go back to Daranak Falls nor leave the camera, we opted to give the battery instead and paid the 20 pesos entrance fee.

Batlag Falls

Batlag Falls

Right at the entrance, we’re not happy but when we already got inside, there’s more bad news for us. We paid additional 50 pesos for the chicken wire to be used for grilling, there are dogs loitering around the place (Not that I hate dogs. I have 19 dogs!), and when we needed to use the shower, we need to pay two (2) pesos. Grabe!

buying fruits

On our way home, we stopped by a fruit stand and bought our pasalubong.

Batlag Falls is a nice place but based from my stay there, the people running it aren’t really doing it justice. The place has a lot of room for improvement. It can be so much better than it is right now! With some arrangements, and maybe couple of personnel changes (or owners), it could beat Daranak Falls as the better known falls in Rizal.

So, does the painted words babalik ka rin holds true to us? So no!

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