Capones Island

Capones Island is another vacation destination in Zambales. On average, the trip from Manila, with the boat ride from the beach of Pundaquit, to Capones Island is about four (4) hours.

There’s no available lodging in the island so if you’re planning to stay there for more than a day you can either bring your own tents, sleeping bags, or hammocks or choose to stay in Anawangin or Pundaquit.

What my barkada and I did was go to Anawangin first, spent a night there, and then toured Capones Island the following morning and then after that, we went to Camara Island.

We were supposed to go to Capones Island to visit the famous old Spanish-era lighthouse, the Faro de Punta Capones, but did not had the chance to. The waves were so big!  According to our boat man, our boats won’t be able to traverse the route to the part of Capones Island where the lighthouse is located because of the big waves. Sayang!

This is me pretending to paddle-drive the boat by myself to Capones Island

This is me pretending to paddle-drive our boat to Capones Island.

View of the sea from Capones Island

View of the sea from Capones Island

This is my friend Wil readying for the camera at Capones Island

This is my friend Wil posing for the camera atop one of the rocks in Capones Island

Capones Island boasts fine white sand beaches. And since the island is surrounded by rough waters and the waves here can be huge, it may be a good spot for surfing enthusiasts.

Just so you know, at Pundaquit proper, you will have several beach resorts to choose from. At these resorts, you can arrange a ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes bangka ride to Capones Island.

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